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Say Cheese!

Alright, before you read this article, I have to emphasise that I am a cheese lover and furthermore, I am French. I know what you are going to say, but I can assure you, cheese is magical! 

Let’s now talk about cheese…

During my first trip to Akaroa in early 2014, I heard about a little cheese factory on the way to the Peninsula. I thought: “What an amazing idea to stop by!” I was not disappointed!

When you enter this little treasure, you are exposed to a lot of different kinds of cheese. From the Gouda to the Havarti passing by the Gruyere, Edam and Maasdam, you will find some very special taste’s and I am sure you will find one that you like. You will be exploring wonderful aromas, mulitple textures, delicious flavours and different colours.

You can purchase direct from the shop for your friends or yourself after having a degustation (it is the best part). But what made my cheese experience really enjoyable was the factory itself. This factory had been using the traditional method of fabrication since 1895. They also use fresh milk from Banks Peninsula Friesian cows. I think this is great! In addition, you can ask for an explanation about the process and you get to see the cheese making room (see picture).

If you are planning a holiday or daytrip to Akaroa, it is a great stop off along the way. If you need more information about Barrys’ Bay, please find the website below : http://www.barrysbaycheese.co.nz/

Barrys Bay Shop Akaroa