Welcome to Banks Peninsula, home of The Hector’s dolphins and eco-tourism pioneers Black Cat Cruises

My Quail Island Easter Egg Hunt Adventure

Easter last year was different. On a whim, my partner and I decided to ditch the usual low-key Easter Sunday for something a bit more adventurous – the Quail Island Easter Egg Hunt, organised by Black Cat Cruises. Little did I know, it was going to be a day packed with laughter, a bit of legwork, and lots of chocolate.

The Day Kicks Off

I remember it being a regular mild but sunny autumn morning. Armed with my favourite cap, sunscreen and a backpack filled with water and snacks, we made our way over to Lyttelton. Joining a group of equally eager adventurers on the Canterbury Cat, we set sail away from the harbour. The crew, with their infectious enthusiasm, promised us an unforgettable day ahead. And boy, were they right! The journey to Quail Island was breathtaking, with the perfect view of the surrounding Banks Peninsula.

The Thrill of the Hunt

We were handed our maps and the hunt for the treasure began. We wandered around with one mission in mind: find those mysterious letters. But we soon learnt that it wasn’t just about the hunt; the island itself was mesmerizing. From old shipwrecks that seemed to guard ancient secrets to the singing of native birds to secluded beaches, every moment was a discovery. I felt like one of the lost boys in Neverland straight out of a Peter Pan. I even named a particularly bold fantail “Wendy” after she followed us around for a good ten minutes​​.

Hidden Treasure Discovered

Quail Island continued to reveal its beauty throughout the day. Every letter led us to a new part of the island, each just as beautiful as the last. At one point, we found ourselves alone on a small beach, the water gently lapping at our feet. It was a moment of peace and pure bliss. With my map in one hand and a half-eaten chocolate bar in the other (yes, I had brought my own chocolate, just in case), I felt utterly content​​.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

Having unscrambled the secret word, we trekked back to our starting point; heads held high in triumph. Although we didn’t win the draw to win one of 16 Giant Easter Bunnies, trading in our puzzle for chocolate eggs was a more than satisfying reward for me – and watching the excitement on the faces of the kids who won helped soften the loss!


Looking back, the Easter Egg Hunt on Quail Island isn’t just an event; it is an adventure that brings families together. It’s about exploring, making treasured memories, and celebrating in one of the most beautiful places in our backyard. The blend of nature, history, chocolate and a dash of competition created a perfect Easter experience​​​​.


For those pondering over plans for this Easter Sunday, I say give the Quail Island Easter Egg Hunt a go. It’s not just for kids; it’s for anyone who loves a good adventure, appreciates nature, and, yes, enjoys chocolate. Thanks to Black Cat Cruises, I discovered a new tradition to celebrate Easter. And for those wondering, yes, I’m definitely planning on going back. Who knows, maybe I’ll see Wendy again​​.

Check out the Easter Egg Hunt page for more information on dates, tickets and times.