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What a trip to Akaroa is like in Winter (hint: it’s pretty dreamy)

With misty mountains, tranquil French-style village, top notch dining without the wait, and wildlife that is full of might, Akaroa is the perfect escape. Just 90-minutes from Christchurch, take a day trip or an overnight break in Akaroa and let the wonders of nature re-energise your Winter.

As the summer buzz fades, a new kind of magic takes hold, inviting adventurers to discover Akaroa’s charms beneath the winter cloak. Here’s why a trip to Akaroa might just be the energiser you need this winter.

Winter hits different in Akaroa

Take a deep, deep breath. In Akaroa, Winter paints a dreamy scene that captivates even the most weary traveller. Misty hills stand in stark contrast against the deep blue of the harbour, while the stillness of the season blankets the village in a sense of tranquillity. It’s a photographer’s dream, offering endless opportunities to capture the beauty of nature, harbour and landscape in its most serene state.

A more intimate wildlife experience

Swap the bustling summer crowds for a more intimate encounter aboard our Akaroa Nature Cruise. Set sail across Akaroa Harbour and witness a breathtaking display of wildlife against the backdrop of winter’s embrace. Fur seals dives deeper to get their catch of fish and Hector’s dolphins swim slightly further offshore (which our experienced skipper will drive to and maximise
your viewing experience). With less guests onboard, take your pick of the viewing spots on our large catamaran and feel free to ask our friendly crew on anything Akaroa, from wildlife patterns to perhaps their favourite after cruise dining spots. They’ll also be more than happy to make you a complimentary hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Ever imagined what it might be like to be a skipper? When possible, our wheelhouse will be open during parts of the cruise for your guests to have a look.

Deliciousness without the wait

Indulge in Akaroa’s deliciousness, from fresh fish’n’chips to elevated French fusion using locally sourced ingredients. Think Akaroa Salmon, green-lipped mussels, Canterbury beef and merino lamb, Canterbury saffron, all created with passion and culinary expertise. Best of all, with the quieter Winter months from June to early September, your chance of securing the best seat in the house will be at an all time high (but a reservation in advance is still recommended for bigger parties).

If you’re a gin connoisseur then you won’t need to venture far, as Akaroa Craft Distillery’s award-winning range of Hector’s Gin is available for purchase at our onboard bar.

Ready to for a break?

Whether you’re a local Canterburian ready for a quick break or guests from further afield, Akaroa is the full embodiment of R&R (rest & relaxation) to energise you this Winter.

Getting here: Akaroa is a scenic 90-minute drive from Christchurch, or an approximately 2 hour bus ride with the daily Akaroa French Connection bus. The daily bus departs from multiple locations across Christchurch CBD in the morning, and returns in late afternoon.

Akaroa Nature Cruise: twice daily departures (10:30am, 1:30pm), subject to weather conditions and operational needs.

Helpful to know: While the Akaroa Nature Cruise is available all year round, Swimming with Dolphins is a Spring/ Summer experience. Advance booking available, select dates from 1 October onwards.

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