Welcome to Banks Peninsula, home of The Hector’s dolphins and eco-tourism pioneers Black Cat Cruises


New Zealand has over 86 types of breeding seabirds. This has given us the title of ‘Seabird capital of the world’, and a number of these birds can be found in and around Banks Peninsula. We’re celebrating by launching an exclusive special offer for the month of May.

The Akaroa Department of Promotions recently launched their new brochure-‘A Guide to Marine Birds of Akaroa Harbour’ to co-incide with Seaweek.

Whilst Seaweek gives us all an opportunity to celebrate and educate over a nationwide week long promotion this wonderful new Marine Bird brochure will be a fantastic tool for years to come.

The brochure showcases nineteen descriptions and images of different marine birds found in and around Akaroa Harbour. Each image has a little tick box alongside it so you can tick the marine birds off as you go along.

Whilst we see birdlife on every single Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise some are more rare than others…

The nineteen different species are organised in the following categories.

Often seen (Such as the Norther Royal Albatross)

Sometimes Seen (Such as the Southern Giant Northen Petrel)

Rarely Seen (such as the yellow eyed penguin)

Make sure you pick up a copy before heading out on our Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise. We’d love to hear back from you as to how many you spot?
It’s also a great little guide for any bird enthusiasts.
This brochure sits alongside another Seaweek brochure that launched 2 years ago, ‘Why is Akaroa Harbour so Special?’

Copies of both brochures can be picked up from our Akaroa stores on the main wharf or at Beach Road….here’s how to find us https://www.blackcat.co.nz/akaroa-harbour-nature-cruises/how-to-find-us or visit here http://www.akaroa.com/node/641

Marine Bird Offer

Book your Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise with us today and use the code ‘akaroamarinebirds’ to recieve $10 off your ticket! This discount is valid for both adult and child tickets.

This code will be valid throughout the month of May 2017 and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.