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Meet Our Sonya – Black Cat Team Mate and Akaroa Fudge Maker Extraordinaire

Did some-one say Akaroa fudge?

Sonya Watts is a most loved Black Cat Team member based in our big blue building on the main wharf of Akaroa. Her hospitality and quick wit humour is second to none. In the last couple of years Sonya (or Sonni to her friends) has branched out into making what we all agree to be ‘fantastic fudge’! Seriously, the mouth is watering as I type…so next time you’re in Akaroa be sure to ask about Sonya’s fudge. Gift yourself or bring some home to gift a loved one….they’ll most certainly thank you for it….

akaroa fudge

What is the name of your fudge business, and where are you based?

Stewart’s Fudgerie is based in the old Chemist Building (which has been in our family since 1935) and houses Arkwright’s Emporium and the Waffle Haus in Akaroa. I call my fudge kitchen the dispensary.


When did you start making fudge?

I started making fudge during lockdown and found that I absolutely loved it! Playing with flavours and colours and trying different techniques. When I went back to work I would take fudge in to share with the team. It was suggested that I should sell it and one thing led to another and next thing I knew I had a side hustle making and selling fudge.


What made you want to start hand making fudge?

I wanted to be able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of lollies and not feel guilty??


akaroa fudge What makes your fudge so deliciously amazing?

I make all my fudge from scratch (I do not use any premixes) which means that I can make my fudgie goodness unique.

“Savour the flavour” is my motto, I pack so much flavour into each smooth and creamy fudgealicous block that you only need a wee bit at a time, in theory, it should last longer ?

I listen to music and sing while I am cooking? which, I believe, adds extra oomph.

All of my labels are hand done and I use biodegradable bags.


Favourite flavours, or fun creations?

That is a hard question it is like asking who my favourite child is? They are all my favourite, if I don’t like it then it goes in the bin.

I have 24 flavours on the go at the moment and am working on new flavours all the time?.

One of my favourite creations is the Lolly Chocolate, it is so colourful and full of yummy lollies with a sprinkle of popping candy, kids (and grown ups) love it!


akaroa fudgeWhere do you sell your fudge?

You can find Stewart’s fudgealicous fudge at the Akaroa and Little River Farmers Markets on the weekends.

We also have stands at Blackcat and Arkwright’s Emporium in Akaroa, The Artisans Lab in Little River, Outbaq Gypzies in Leeston and the Waffle Haus in New Regent Street who has it on their Ubereats menu!

So you don’t even have to leave the house to get our fudge in your face!


sonya watts akaroaYour roles at BC to date? (also how long have you been with BC?)

I have been with Blackcat for 17 fun filled years.  I started as a photographer and am now in a customer service role.  I have also done a bit of guiding on the dolphin swim boats. I have been very lucky to of worked with many many wonderful people over the years (including my husband, and son). I have made life long friends who have become part of our family.

My favourite place is behind the counter looking after our guests and I enjoy answering the phones.



What do you love about both jobs?


I love people! I am very cheeky (sometimes too cheeky?) and love making people laugh. I believe that smiles and laughter are contagious and should be shared as much as possible


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