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Thanks for taking some time to scan our latest news and events. Below you will find some information on the biggest dolphins on them all – the mighty Orca through to the smallest – hectors dolphins calves. There are also details of local events in Diamond Harbour and Akaroa along with confirmation of our top rating as voted by members of the AA.

Cheers Paul

Orca visits much more frequent

Things to do in AkaroaWe started cruising Banks Peninsula in 1985 and over the next 21 years we reckon we had only 5 visits in total from Orca. So why have we had 5 visits in the last 12 months? More than likely it’s related to Orca chasing food in Akaroa and Lyttelton harbours. They sure do scare our local population of Hectors dolphins though and that’s not surprising! Click here for a blog including views from marine scientist Liz Slooten.

Up close with Hector

Things to do in AkaroaCheck out this nice video from a swimming with dolphins cruise in January showing some of our customers out having the time of their lives. There’s a great example of one little dolphin swimming rings around one of our customers. Nice….

Cruise ship update

Things to do in AkaroaWe have now welcomed 60 of the 80 cruise ships set to visit Akaroa this season. February is set to be another busy month with just a handful of visits scheduled for March and April. We don’t know whether the cruise ships will be back again next season but Akaroa has sure welcomed them with open arms and hope they will be back in later in the year.

Dolphin calves

Things to do in AkaroaOver the past few months Hector’s dolphin calves have been spotted swimming with their mothers in the harbour. Our Akaroa manager Pip Journeaux said the calves were first seen in November. ”They are divine. We swim with the adults, but we can’t swim when there are calves in the pod,” she said. ”We wouldn’t swim with calves until they’d be well over 12 months”. Read article from Stuff here

Black cat number 1 voted by AA

Things to do in AkaroaWe’ve been voted the number one activity in NZ for wildlife spotting. Thanks a lot AA members from all over NZL. We’re also the number 2 activity (after Hanmer Springs) and in the top 10 of all activities for all of New Zealand.

Read about us on the AA website

Swim the harbour

Things to do in AkaroaThe big La Grande Swim was held on the 19th February, featuring the world’s largest tic tacs as marker buoys for the swimmers. La Grande Swim is the fourth race in the hugely successful State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.  Previously held in Corsair Bay in Lyttelton Harbour this is the first big harbour swim in many years.

Diamond Harbour day out

Things to do in AkaroaThere are some great bands set to rock out Diamond Harbour every Sunday during February 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Take the ferry over and make a day of it. For details of who is playing click here

Blogging favourites

Check out this great blog from on swimming with dolphins in Akaroa.

Great Feedback

Hi to blackcat crew, particularly Julian & Laura,

Thanks to everyone at Blackcat who made our dolphin experience so special.
I have popped in to work today & boasted of our trip. One colleague is going to NZ in Feb and is keen to do the swim with dolphins. You people are so fortunate to have these wonderful creatures in your backyard. It is heart-warming to see you engaging with them whilst respecting and nurturing your relationship with them. I wish you continued success. I will certainly be endorsing your attraction as one of the “not to be missed”. We are so pleased we had the opportunity to do the swim; it was worth every freezing moment.

Merry Christmas to all. Kind regards Kathy

Did you know?

Hectors dolphin calves are not much bigger than a rugby ball when they are born making them the smallest of all marine mammals. They are also born with stripes which are formed as they are wrapped up tightly inside their mothers. The calves can sometimes drown if caught in a big storm just after birth but their biggest threats are more likely to be boat strike or natural predators such as Orca and seven gill sharks.

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  • Things to do in Akaroa
  • Things to do in Akaroa
  • Things to do in Akaroa
  • Things to do in Akaroa
  • Things to do in Akaroa
  • Things to do in Akaroa

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