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Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise or Swim with Dolphins

Black Cat has been cruising the waters of Banks Peninsula for more than 26 years and is a must see Akaroa activity. We know all there is to know about Akaroa Harbour and the diversity of marine wildlife, birdlife and its volcanic origins. You can swim with hector's dolphins, or join us on the Akaroa Harbour nature cruise. Black Cat Cruises helps create some of the most memorable experiences to be had on the water anywhere on New Zealand’s Canterbury coastline.

The Canterbury Cat  is available now as a floating meeting or event venue in Lyttelton Harbour.

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Swimming With Dolphins - Akaroa

Swimming-With-DolphinsGet up close and personal swimming with friendly, playful Hector's dolphins in Akaroa Harbour. Dolphin swimming operates for 9 months of the year from September to the end of May. 

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Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises

Akaroa-Harbour-Nature-CruisesCruise Akaroa Harbour, uncover the history of the region, see dolphins, seals, penguins and enjoy stunning views.

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Diamond Harbour Ferry - Daily Trip Schedule

Diamond-Harbour-Ferry-Daily-Trip-ScheduleSchedule information for the Diamond Harbour Ferry. Quick and easy access from Lyttelton township across to beautiful Diamond Harbour. Ferries depart regularly throughout the day.

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Private Charters and Dinner Cruises

Private-Charters-and-Dinner-CruisesCreate a stunning event to remember with family, friends or colleagues on a fully catered dinner cruise. Ideal for product launches, weddings, parties and more - plus the perfect floating function venue.

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Quail Island Adventures

Quail-Island-AdventuresSpend a fascinating half-day walking around this historic Lyttelton Harbour island, or enjoy a family picnic on the beach. The Quail Island Kiwi Ranger is a fun way to discover the "best bits" of this historic island.

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Did you know ...

Quail-Island-AdventuresThe Lyttelton volcano began erupting perhaps 15 million years ago The last eruptions on the flanks of the younger Akaroa volcano occurred less than six million years ago. ‘Banks Island’ was eventually joined to the mainland by sand and gravels eroded from the Southern Alps by the enormous glaciers of several ice ages. The sand and gravels were washed seawards to form the Canterbury Plains.  As sea levels rose and fell, the old volcanos were at different times an island, a landlocked mass of hills and a peninsula. Lyttelton and Akaroa, the principal settlements on the Peninsula, lie inside the eroded craters of the old volcanoes, now flooded by the Pacific Ocean. These sea-invaded craters, the twin harbours of Lyttelton and Akaroa, are among the world’s outstanding examples of eroded and flooded craters.

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